We are in the Russian Construction market during the last 25 years,

Our team consists of experienced specialists who have successfully completed many projects in Moscow and in various regions of Russia,

We work together with citizen of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Syria and Turkey, as multinational, multicultural and ambitious team,

As a result of many years of working together we have a common language and goals based on the teamwork,

Our unlimited desire for working and our enthusiasm are our main resources,

We care about the physical and moral conditions of our employees,

Working discipline is extremely main theme for us,

The proper use of time, space and finance is of great importance for all of us,

Consistency and pace are our main goals in management,

Our tasks are monitored by us carefully and proactively till their completion,

The production, sharing and feedback of information are streamlined in all our processes,

We find out technical and administrative decisions that allow to complete the tasks quickly and successfully,

Planning is the main essence of our job,

A big attention is paid to internal training of our employees,

Physical and social environment is highly respected by us,

Decisions together with clients, suppliers and designers are taken as with partners,

Instead of creating problems we solve them,

Malfunctions make us all uncomfortable,

Success belongs to all of us,

We look for new technologies and use them in practice,

Our added value is shared by us with our staff,

We are ready to work with you. Are you?